CAL Learning has helped thousands in the pharma/biotech, technology, healthcare, and other industries in developing their language and culture skills.

Our mission is to help learners develop the cultural and linguistic competence to participate fully, successfully, and happily within a target culture.

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Tel: 845-469-7442845-469-7442
Email: info@callearning.com

Culture and language training for a multicultural workplace

5 Responses to About

  1. Evan says:


    Like your blog – would you be happy if I included it in my blog roll?


    All the best


  2. Teresa says:

    Hi Lauren,
    Like your blog and the material and info are very helpful. Just wonder whether I can include some of your materials in our International mentoring program as culture tips? Of course, we will include the source of the materials.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Love your BLOG!!! Please also check out perezapple.com/blog and subscribe as well.

    May I repost and use info with your name given as a source. Please let me know.

    Esther Perez Apple

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