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NEW Accent Reduction Series

Our Partner Axiom Learning Solutions is  spreading the good news about our new Accent Reduction Series! Unlike multi-week classes, these workshops function singularly, so you can chose to attend one, a few, or all sessions. You don’t need to take … Continue reading

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CAL Learning partners with Axiom Learning Solutions

CAL Learning is proud to announce our partnership with Axiom Learning Solutions as their intercultural and language training provider,  within their Learning Services. We continue our commitment to serving the pharma/biotech, technology, healthcare, and other industries  in developing the language … Continue reading

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5 ways to improve your English skills without a teacher

Many English language learners who have lived and worked in the US for a while say they’ve plateaued in their language skills.  They have achieved a certain level of fluency, but often feel limited in their vocabulary and ability to … Continue reading

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why are some vowels held longer than others?

Voiced and Voiceless Consonant Pairs Many consonants come in pairs of voiced and voiceless pronunciation. Some  examples include  d/t,  v/f,  and b/p. The only difference between the two consonant is that one has a vibration of the vocal chords (voiced) … Continue reading

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Native English speakers/speak in short phrases They. Don’t. Talk. Word. For. Word.

Fluent English speakers/express their ideas/ in phrases and thought groups/and they do it/ without even thinking/. Many non-native speakers/ don’t speak in phrases/ and end up sounding choppy. Do you speak in phrases or word by word? Stress in Phrases … Continue reading

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Using the explanatory model to understand your patient’s culture

The Explanatory Model in healthcare is used as a way to understand how patients view their conditions and their expectations surrounding a cure. In the Explanatory Model, providers uses open questions to uncover the patient’s experience, ascribed meaning and behavior … Continue reading

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Giving Performance Feedback Across Cultures

Task-oriented cultures and relationship-oriented cultures give and receive feedback differently. A culturally competent manager is aware of these differences and can adjust communication accordingly. When giving performance feedback across cultures, always keep in mind, “What type of feedback will this … Continue reading

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10 cultural factors that influence health care

In order to improve health care delivery and outcomes, providers must develop the cultural competence to serve patients from diverse cultures. Western culture takes a biomedical approach to health care. However, many cultures take a more holistic approach that includes … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of International Students

International students who come to study in America bring their own expectations and cultural filters to their learning experience.  The US recruiter or educator who understands these filters and expectations will be better able to attract and serve international students. … Continue reading

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Conflicting ethics across cultures

Differences in morals and ethics can lead to a great deal of cross cultural conflict.  How a culture applies morals and ethics can be described as either Universalist or Particularist. Particularist or Universalist? Latin, African, and Asian cultures are Particularist. … Continue reading

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