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5 Accent Errors of Spanish Speakers

One of the steps in reducing your accent is becoming aware of your problem areas. People  use the speaking patterns and style of communication from their native language when speaking in a second. This is called first language transfer. These … Continue reading

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NEW Accent Reduction Series

Our Partner Axiom Learning Solutions is  spreading the good news about our new Accent Reduction Series! Unlike multi-week classes, these workshops function singularly, so you can chose to attend one, a few, or all sessions. You don’t need to take … Continue reading

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Tri-State CACS 2016 Symposium

Are you attending the Tri-State Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS) 2016 Symposium this Saturday, June 18th at Rutgers University? Come to my presentation “Polishing your Speaking Skills with Accent Reduction” and learn tips and tricks for accent reduction! Hope to … Continue reading

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The challenge of consonant clusters

Changed. Desks. World. Boxed. These words are tongue twisters for many English language learners, because they end in consonant clusters. What Are Consonant Clusters? In English, pronunciation goes by sounds, and not by spelling. Clusters are made of two or … Continue reading

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How to pronounce the letter L

L Correctly pronouncing /l/ is very difficult for many non-native speakers. /l/ is commonly confused with/r/ or /w/. If you don’t have /l/ in your language, you will have to retrain your muscle memory.  You must focus on proper placement … Continue reading

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CAL Learning partners with Axiom Learning Solutions

CAL Learning is proud to announce our partnership with Axiom Learning Solutions as their intercultural and language training provider,  within their Learning Services. We continue our commitment to serving the pharma/biotech, technology, healthcare, and other industries  in developing the language … Continue reading

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pronouncing th and v in technical vocabulary

Technical topics and discussions have a prescribed vocabulary with high frequency of repetition. If you learn to clearly pronounce these key words with correct articulation, you will be much more easily understood.  Learning to correctly pronounce a few consonant and … Continue reading

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Native English speakers/speak in short phrases They. Don’t. Talk. Word. For. Word.

Fluent English speakers/express their ideas/ in phrases and thought groups/and they do it/ without even thinking/. Many non-native speakers/ don’t speak in phrases/ and end up sounding choppy. Do you speak in phrases or word by word? Stress in Phrases … Continue reading

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Start Reducing Your Accent Today

Do people often ask you to repeat yourself? Do you find it difficult to have conversation by phone? Are you nervous that your accent prevents you from getting your message across, or holds you back at work? How soon would … Continue reading

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Common English Word Stress Rules to Help Reduce Your Accent

Stress is extremely important in English. Stressing the wrong syllable or pronouncing all syllables with equal stress are a common problem for non-native speakers. So how can I tell which syllable to stress? Although the rules for stress are very … Continue reading

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