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What Makes You Awesome? Selling Yourself in the American Workplace

The ability to “sell yourself” with confidence is a key skill for success in American culture. American culture focuses on the individual. In interviews, performance reviews, meetings and presentations, people are are expected to “sell” themselves by stressing individual, quantifiable … Continue reading

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Hispanics and Asians: 2 Tiers at Work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hispanics comprise 50% of the foreign-born labor force and Asians make up 22%. Among these workers, 2 tiers exist: Latinos with low education and low skills, and educated professionals from Asia. Although both … Continue reading

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Expats' opinions on working in English

Many foreign-born professionals in R&D or IT fields say they feel limited by their English at work. Although they may have the precise and technical vocabulary for their field, they often lack the fluency and interactional skills to participate fully … Continue reading

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