Accent Reduction

Master the correct stress, intonation, rhythm and sounds of Standard American English. Our accent reduction programs are short, intensive and highly focused, with the objective of maximum improvement and habit formation in a short period of time.

Accent Reduction Workshop Series

This highly interactive series is delivered onsite at your company. Each half-day workshop focuses on one aspect of accent reduction, so learners can attend the ones they need and skip the ones they don’t.

Workshops include:

  • Polishing Your Speaking Skills with Clear Speech
  • English Consonants and Vowels
  • Word Stress, Sentence Stress and English Rhythm
  • Expressing Meaning Through Intonation
  • Speak Smoothly by Linking
  • Pronouncing Technical Vocabulary

ONLINE Accent Reduction Private Coaching

Work one-on-one with an accent reduction specialist. Focus solely on your specific pronunciation errors and language goals.

Accent reduction coaching begins with a diagnostic evaluation that includes both reading aloud and speaking in free conversation. Speech is evaluated for correct phrasing, word stress, sentence stress, intonation, linking, articulation of consonants and vowels, speed, volume and clarity. Based on the results, as well as learner goals and interests, the coach will develop a training plan.

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Work one-on-one with an accent reduction specialist. Focus solely on your specific pronounciation errors and language goals.

I had a 10-session course with Lauren to reduce my accent. Every time, Lauren sent course material prior, fully prepared and was very patient, encouraging and found my problems right away. Her class is very well structured and helped me realize where my challenges were and how to solve them. After her class, I feel more confident to speak in public with reduced accent.

K.L. Global Product Manager Pharmaceutical Industry

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