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Status and Negotiating Across Cultures

Understanding the importance and source of status is a vital part of working cross culturally. People can attain status in two ways: Achieved status – what you do In the US and other English-speaking countries,  status is achieved and based … Continue reading

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3 Cross-Cultural Workplace Conflicts for Americans and Hispanics

Clearly, not all members of any group will behave in the same way. But managers who can recognize cultural patterns and communication styles of their diverse employees will be better able to avoid  cross cultural conflict in the workplace.  Here … Continue reading

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Expats' opinions on working in English

Many foreign-born professionals in R&D or IT fields say they feel limited by their English at work. Although they may have the precise and technical vocabulary for their field, they often lack the fluency and interactional skills to participate fully … Continue reading

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Translation is about meaning, not words

Google’s claims it’s  new translation tool can “make the language barrier go away.” Language barriers are more than vocabulary and grammar. I expect that translation software will continue to have problems as long as it focuses on the language and … Continue reading

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