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Top 3 cultural clashes for foreign medical graduates

I just completed working with an organization whose employees interact with every foreign medical graduate who wants to become licensed in the US, the majority of whom are non-native speakers of English. Our training focused on developing the cultural competence … Continue reading

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5 Best Practices for Serving Diverse Customers

Good customer service means different things to different people. Here are 5 ways to develop your cultural competency for customer service, and  have a greater opportunity to attract and retain diverse customers. 1. Know your clientele. Spend time talking with … Continue reading

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Conflicting ethics across cultures

Differences in morals and ethics can lead to a great deal of cross cultural conflict.  How a culture applies morals and ethics can be described as either Universalist or Particularist. Particularist or Universalist? Latin, African, and Asian cultures are Particularist. … Continue reading

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Stages of Cross Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness is a way of thinking about and viewing the world. It means understanding, respecting and successfully interacting with those whose world views, values, behaviors, communication styles, customs and practices are different than one’s own. Cultural Awareness occurs in … Continue reading

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Getting Angry at Work: Affective and Neutral Cultures

If you’re angry or frustrated at work, would you say so? How would you express these feelings? Depending on whether your culture is Affective or Neutral, your answer will be very different. Affective or Neutral describes how overtly a culture … Continue reading

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3 Cross-Cultural Workplace Conflicts for Americans and Hispanics

Clearly, not all members of any group will behave in the same way. But managers who can recognize cultural patterns and communication styles of their diverse employees will be better able to avoid  cross cultural conflict in the workplace.  Here … Continue reading

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