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Speak Clearly with Correct Stress

Stress is extremely important in English. Stressing the wrong syllable or pronouncing all syllables with equal stress are a common problem for non-native speakers, and can be very confusing for the listener. A native speaker may not understand a word that has the...

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5 Best Practices for Serving Diverse Customers

Good customer service means different things to different people. Here are 5 ways to develop your cultural competency for customer service, and  have a greater opportunity to attract and retain diverse customers. 1. Know your clientele. Spend time talking with clients...

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The Expat Family: Kids at School

Expats families relocating to the US may be familiar with the bureaucratic and administrative side of sending their children to American schools. But how will American culture influence your child’s education? Many expats are surprised to find that the values American...

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